jenn goodwin. film + video. If I Should Stumble
jenn goodwin. dance projects. If I Should Stumble. Jenn Goodwin, in collaboration with and performed by Anita Nittoly and Zoja Smutny, Sarah Doucet, Brandy Leary, Sandra Crljenica, Rena Berriault, Marita Hands


Created by Jenn Goodwin, in collaboration with and performed by Anita Nittoly and Zoja Smutny, Sarah Doucet, Brandy Leary, Sandra Crljenica, Rena Berriault, Marita Hands.

Curated by Rui Pimenta and Elise Hodson for Art Now at The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.

Costume Design: Sarah Doucet

Music: Tanya Tagaq. Song: Uja from the Album Animism. re-mixed by Tino Zolfo. Thank you to Six Shooter Records.

Vertigo is the conflict between the fear of falling and the desire to fall - Salman Rushdie

Performer Anita Nittoly uses stairs as both her stage and her nemesis in this movement installation. Nittoly shines and stumbles as she personifies the concept of falling from grace, while actually falling (gracefully and otherwise).

In this performance, Goodwin is particularly interested in the cracks in ones' confidence, the spectacle of a persona, the faux pas', missteps, mistakes, and the beauty and tragedy of day to day life.

Sometimes when things fall apart they are actually falling into place - Unknown


jenn goodwin. film + video. Your Timing Is Perfect And Other Wall Works with collaborators/performers: Valerie Calam, Luke Garwood, Kristy Kennedy, Jared MacSween, Zoja Smutny and Heidi Strauss. Roxanne Luchak (video) and Laura Nanni (dramaturg). photo credit Guntar Kravis
jenn goodwin. dance projects. Your Timing Is Perfect And Other Wall Works with collaborators/performers: Valerie Calam, Luke Garwood, Kristy Kennedy, Jared MacSween, Zoja Smutny and Heidi Strauss. Roxanne Luchak (video) and Laura Nanni (dramaturg). photo credit Guntar Kravis


A new performance by Jenn Goodwin

With collaborators/performers: Valerie Calam, Luke Garwood, Kristy Kennedy, Jared MacSween, Zoja Smutny and Heidi Strauss. Roxanne Luchak (video) and Laura Nanni (dramaturg)

Working across disciplinary institutions, Your Timing is Perfect was developed within the context of a lens-based gallery, traditionally imagined as a space for wall works. Through the conceptual frame of portraiture, the work explores the possibility of connection across time -- with strangers and friends, performers and audiences, between a sense of self and the collective and the walls of a room. Participants in the work see themselves and their stories as objects, icons and images, looking at practices of looking, how we see and are asked to see. An intimate 360 degree durational performance/movement experience, audiences are welcome to come and go from the work at their leisure. Stay for ten minutes or for four hours.

Score (as of January 6th 2013)

See everyone that walks in the room / Offer instructions / Welcome / Introduce yourself and others / You can ask questions

The Story starts with We / We are all here together / Right now / Not for long

You are an individual within a group / Portraits can overlap when there is only 1 person talking / Do not overlap talking portraits / Your portrait is a part of the whole / The whole is your portrait

You are in this together / You can ask for help / You influence the space, the order, the audience / You are influenced by the space, the order, the audience / Just being is enough

Stay connected to the wall / The wall is your partner / The wall is your frame / The wall is your canvas / The wall is a restriction and an opportunity

You can change the lighting / You can add video / You don't have to stop with the song

Let things take the time they need / Vary your speed / Be aware of time, or ignore it, get lost in it, fight it, welcome it / Spend time together / You are responsible for your experience

Document what is happening / Start where it ended / Keep going back to the writing

Find opportunities to move / Move during punctuation

See each other / Listen to each other / Listen to the room / What is happening is really happening / Be affected / Don't pre-plan / Make connections / Make it yours

Fight/struggle/aim for presence / Let what is happening in the room inspire you / Doing nothing is something

It doesn't always have to make sense / Try to be honest (most of the time) / Seeing you search, receive and recover is ok / Everyone is a participant / It is ok to struggle with presence and performance / Discomfort, uncertainty and boredom are valid / Entertainment is too

Notice / Pay attention / Accept

The small moments make up the big picture / Every day is epic > http://gallerytpw.ca/rd/jenn-goodwin-reflections/ > http://gallerytpw.ca/rd/jenn-goodwin/

Thank you: The Theatre Centre, Roxanne Duncan, Franco Boni, Gallery TPW, Kim Simon, Gary Hall, Sam Cotter, Leila Timmins and Nicole Cropley, Justine Chambers, Neville Quinlan, Brendan Gall, Valerie Gelinas, Guntar Kravis, Natalie Roth, Dan Surman, Sean Hooper

Special Thanks to Camilla Singh, Jeremy Mimnagh, Walter Willems and Ame Henderson for their input in the development of the work.


jenn goodwin. film + video. Accidents for Every Occasion
jenn goodwin. dance projects. Accidents for Every Occasion


A heartfelt and humourous exploration of the consequences of our daily mishaps in all their beauty, barbarity and banality. Cross a street three seconds later and a speeding bus barely misses you. A typo completely changes your identity. A turn to the left at a crowded party and you never meet the love of your life.

An exploration of mistakes we make that affect our daily lives, to the ones that may cost us our life. From spelling mistakes to near death experiences, taken from real life scenarios.. and mistaken moments.

Accidents is a playful yet poignant look at our attempt to be perfect, avoidance of discomfort, fear of failure and the beauty and challenges learned by the natural occurance of accidents and mistakes. From the banal to the beautiful to the barbaric...

Created and Directed by Jenn Goodwin
Created with and performed by Valerie Calam and Alicia Grant
Video by Walter Willems
Lighting Design by Geoff Bouckley
Sound/Music: Death Fom Above (1979), Japancakes, Cat Power, Polmo Polpo

Thank you to Sarah Doucet and Ame Henderson who were an integral part of the creation of this work.

jenn goodwin. dance projects. The Falling_THE FALLING_


Falling from grace, falling from a window of a speeding car, falling in and out of love.... A theatrical solo that explores living to extremes -- and sometimes close to death, in search of a greater sense of life.

A search for self by ridiculous, reckless as well as precious means and memories. The risks taken to feel deeper, live fully, work harder, stay strong, get connected, get lost... be found.

Choeographer/Dancer: Jenn Goodwin
Text by Jenn Goodwin
Video by Jenn Goodwin and Judy Singh
Composer by Ed Hanley
Lighting by Sharon DiGenova

jenn goodwin. dance projects. The Falling_DEAREST HEART_


Inspired by letters she has written or received in the past, the ones that she wished she wrote but never did, the ones she wrote and threw away... or should have, because they were too damn embarrassing/ harsh/lame/ corny/ evil / sad and so on.

And a few she just made up, or borrowed from friends to round things out. Some excruciatingly private and personal, and some from day to day scribbles and notes.

With movement, sound, video and spoken text this work tells a simple tale, one letter at a time.

Created and performed by Jenn Goodwin
Video by Walter Willems
Sound/ Music by Nq Arbuckle, Hawksley Workman, Dolly Parton


Phase III of The Wet Project

A look at bathroom culture. A peek inside a woman's washrooms at a night club. Public, Private. Spoken, unspoken. Exposed and hidden With bathroom door stalls as a projection backdrop, Video exposes the private and morphs the public. Exposing what is going on behind closed doors while also distorting and magnifying what we see outside the doors. Text is taken from graffiti from bathroom walls. Go blurs the lines between every day culture and performance and dance.

Directed by Jenn Goodwin
Created with and performed by Justine Chambers, Sarah Doucet, Jenn Goodwin
Lighting Design by Sharon DiGenova

jenn goodwin. dance projects. Spit. Phase II of the Wet Project_SPIT_

Phase II of The Wet Project

Smoking solos, gum chewing combos, necking duets and spitting images.
SPIT explores the body fluid -- Saliva. With images projected on a dripping wet backdrop SPIT is a look at addiction, lust, desire and saliva.

Choreographed by Jenn Goodwin
Danced by Justine Chambers, Sarah Doucet and Jenn Goodwin
Soundscape by Ed Hanley/Peaches
Video by Dar Higden and Jenn Goodwin

jenn goodwin. dance projects. The Wet Project_WET. A DIARY OF DESIRE_

Phase I of The Wet Project

An abstract movement diary that touches on lust, shame, frustration, excitement, boredom, pleasure, ecstasy, porn, friction, love and sex.

Created in part at a dance residency program at The Theatre Centre. Wet was also performed at Dixon Place Theatre in New York City and at Studio 303 in Montreal. Wet explores fantasy and desire through the mind and body of one woman. Intimate, subjective and personal material, yet universal in many ways. together, alone the erotic self body as a whole, body in sections disect your desire.

Choreographed by Jenn Goodwin
Danced by Justine Chambers
Soundscape by Ed Hanley
Lighting Design by Sharon DiGenova
Text by Lisa Gabriele, Malcolm Brown (pixel board)

jenn goodwin. dance projects. Liar_SKID_


Two girls, a ghetto blaster and love of guitar rock. Hair bands and hickeys, tight jeans & rock and roll. The movement is guitar influenced -- from the actual instrument -- its shape, sound, how it is held and used to the musicians who use them and the audience who gather to adore them and the attitude that often comes hand in hand.

Choreography by Jenn Goodwin and Sarah Doucet
Dancer by Sarah Doucet, Jenn Goodwin
Music by Julietta McGovern (live Guitar)
Video by Sandra Dametto



This duet tells the story of a (un) romantic relationship from start to finish. However, the piece begins with the finish and ends at the start at the relationship. Sometimes touching, sometimes dark and sometimes humorous, this piece explores one couples struggle to deal with the fine line between love and hate. A duet exploring dependence/independence, desire, denial, betrayal, love and anger and laundry.

Fucking and Fighting was a strong duet for the excellent Ayelen Liberona and Miko Sobreira. Theirs is a love/hate relationship with abuse on both sides. A bed sheet transforms the duet into trio and becomes a metaphor for both their outward tug-of-war and burning inner anger. Goodwin's strength here is her ability to portray the dynamics of the two as a couple, as well as presenting them as quite different individuals.

Dancers: Ayelen Liberona, Miko Sobreira

_LIAR_jenn goodwin. dance projects. Liar


A solo choreographed and performed by Goodwin that explores issues of truth, confessions and lies. With a backdrop of projection of text and images, Goodwin dances to an original score by media artist Sandra Dametto that includes excerpts of text from soap operas and pornographic films. In this work, she explores through text and movement, various "societal" lies from Santa Clause to sex to taxes and love, while also exploring personal confessions from smoking to self-pleasure to knitting and loneliness. The piece is lyrical and highly physical with breaks of "reality" as Goodwin steps outside the performance to allow the audience to decide what is true, and what is not.

Inspired by the life and work of American concept artist Jenny Holzer and beautifully performed by Goodwin herself. The title is a misnomer, because the droll, stream-of-consciousness text/movement piece contains as many truths as it does lies. Sandra Dametto's minimalist score, infused with fragments of real soap-opera dialogue, is the backdrop against which Goodwin set this dance of true, and not so true, confessions. In fact, all our lives contain soap-opera elements, with fresh disasters lurking around every corner. Goodwin's Liar is a glimpse of an all-too human woman and the defence mechanisms she has put in place in order to cope.

jenn goodwin. film + video. Sneaker
jenn goodwin. dance projects. Sneaker



Sneaker is a duet that was conceived by Goodwin and co-choreographed by Sarah Doucet and Goodwin. Sneaker is a story of two women who after a night out decide they are going to hitch hike out of town. It has been performed in various venues in Montreal and Toronto including streets, studio, cabaret and club environments to great success. The Globe and Mail said: The humorous Sneakers depicted two foxy ladies after a night carousing on the town. The two are hitch-hiking, but it is for a metaphoric ride to a better place. What gives this piece depth is the haunting inner turmoil that lies behind their world-weary, sarcastic demeanour.

Choreography by Jenn Goodwin & Sarah Doucet
Performers: Jenn Goodwin & Sarah Doucet. 1999 - (Nicola Pantin & Ayelen)
Music by Luke Doucet

jenn goodwin. film + video. Stink
jenn goodwin. dance projects. Stink



An acrobatic piece with dancers hanging by bungy cords from trees investigating the themes of balance, between body and environment, movement and stasis and nature and artifice. Costumed in astro-turf vest and pine scented car deodorizers.

An offering by Toronto choreographer and dancer Jenn Goodwin stretches the conventions of dance to demonstrate the restrictions that the culture of the city place on the human spirit. Goodwin and dancers Marlee Cargill and Nicola Pantin perform an acrobatic piece in which they investigate the theme of balance, between body and environment, movement and stasis and nature and artifice. Costumed in astro-turf vest and pine scented car deodorizers, the dancers perform while dangling from a tree, attached, and to an extent, confined, by large elastic harnesses. Stink forces the dancers to push physical boundaries and explore the contradictions of balance and movement in an environment that echoes them. The musical accompaniment consists of a ghetto blaster, and percussionist Ed Hanley- all suspended from the tree also.

Performed as part of Dusk Dances in Toronto, Ottawa (Canada Dance Festival), Vancouver (Dancing on the Edge), Quebec City and all over Ontario

Dancers: Sylvie Bouchard, Marlee Cargill, Sarah Doucet, Jenn Goodwin, Nicola Pantin and Tania White