jenn goodwin. film projects. The Supreme Task Of Whip It And Alleluhia_THE SUPREME TASK OF WHIP IT AND ALLELUHIA_


Blood, sweat, dance steps and sometimes a little babysitting. A back up dancer's work is never done as Whip it and Alleluia must take on a supreme task to ensure the show goes on.

Created and directed by Jenn Goodwin
Performed by and created with Valerie Calam, Alicia Grant, Nicola Pantin
Producer: Shelly Hong, Bravo!FACT
DOP: Mike Andringa
Editor: Ayelen Liberona
Music: NQ Arbuckle

jenn goodwin. film projects. Big Chief Ballet_BIG CHIEF BALLET_


A second rate synchronized swimming duo scour the earth looking for an audience and finds one in the most unlikely of places - muskoka, ontario. amongst the beer bellies, rednecks and long weekend partying, the girls give the performance of a lifetime before they re-submerge in search of the next great stage.

Location: 'Big Chief'- Lake Couchiching, Orillia, Ontario
Directed and choreographed by Jenn Goodwin
Dancers/ Co-choreographed with: Sarah Doucet, Nicola Pantin
DOP: Jonny Cliff
Producer: Shelly Hong, Bravo!FACT
Composer: Jackson Myers

jenn goodwin. film + video. on fire_ON FIRE_


A Fire man makes use of his down time and trains for what could possibly be a second career.

Created for Shorts in Motion/ The Art of Seduction

Directed and choreographed by Jenn Goodwin
Produced by Bravo!FACT, The National Film Board of Canada, Marble Media, The Sundance Channel Dancers
Co-created with Matthew Dailey / Jared MacSween
DOP: Tiko Poulakakis / Steohan Randstrom
Editor: Roland Schlimme
Composer: Michael Ella

jenn goodwin. film + video. stuck_STUCK_


The day after the night before A wrong number and right turn, a wrong turn. Boy meets girl... again.

Directed and choreographed by Jenn Goodwin
Produced by Bravo!FACT/ Channel 4 and Moving Pictures
Dancers/ co-created with Nicola Pantin Mathew Dailey
DOP: Mike Andriga
Editor: Steve Manz/ relish

jenn goodwin. film + video. Stripped
jenn goodwin. film projects. Stripped



A portrait of a pole dancer. Layers are stripped away by a behind the scenes look at "gemma' and the making of the film itself.

Directed and choreographed by Jenn Goodwin
Dancer: Gemma Whelan
Producer: Videoworks UK
DOP/Editor: Sam Stewart

jenn goodwin. film projects. Light Years _LIGHTYEARS_


A portrait of a 70 year old dancer who's zest for life and perspective on death is unique, inspiring and enlightening.

Directed and produced by Jenn Goodwin with Bravo!FACT and The National Film Board of Canada
Performer: Elizabeth Langley
DOP: Todd Buttenham
Editor: Kevin Krivel



Toronto dancers and choreographers groove to their own beat against Toronto backdrops. No choreography. No Steps. All freestyle.

Director: Jenn Goodwin
Producer: Bravo!FACT
Dancers include: Serge Bennethan, Julia Sasso, Nicola Pantin, Martine Lamy, Justine Chambers, Ayelen, Maxine Heppner, Yvonne Ng, Bill James and more